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The Zo Kwe Zo Initiative

Without Identity there is no Dialogue

« Every authentic practice of religion cannot fail to promote peace. The mystery of the Incarnation shows us the real face of God, for whom power does not mean force or destruction but love, and for whom justice is not vengeance but mercy.  It is in light of this that I wished to proclaim the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, exceptionally inaugurated in Bangui during my Apostolic Journey in Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic in 2015.  In a country sorely touched by hunger, poverty and conflict, where fratricidal violence in recent years has left deep wounds, rending the nation and creating material and moral destitution, the opening of the Holy Door of Bangui Cathedral was meant as a sign of encouragement to look ahead, for a new beginning and resume dialogue.  There, where God’s name has been misused to perpetrate injustice, I wanted to reaffirm, together with the Muslim community of the Central African Republic, that “those who claim to believe in God must also be men and women of peace” and consequently of mercy, for one may never kill in the name of God.” Pope Francis

Your donation to The Zo Kwe Zo Initiative will prevent malnutrition and maternal mortality, protect orphans and vulnerable children, educate children and change behavior of people to prevent conflicts.

Whenever we do something together, something good, something beautiful, everyone changes. All of us change in some way and this does us good.

By bringing people at the heart The Zo Kwe Zo Initiative will contribute to a new generation of peace and justice, solidarity and shared prosperity.

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